How much wine a year does the average person in the US drink?



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    According to the Wine Market Council, the average American adult drinks three gallons of wine every year.  This is up from one gallon a year in 1970.  In 2010, Americans drank 330 million twelve bottle cases of wine, placing the US at the top of the list for wine consumption – they ranked even higher than France, who drank 321 million 12 bottle cases that year.

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    Ashleigh’s answer is great, but I just have a few things to add. France’s population, according to Google’s public data, is around 63,000,000. The U.S. has a population around 307,000,000. Therefore, it makes sense that the U.S. consumes more wine, but obviously, based on the data Ashleigh provided, France consumes more wine per person. In addition, alcohol consumption and wealth are positively correlated. As wealth increases, so does alcohol and wine consumption. New York Times did an article on it a few years ago (click the citation to see graphs). Take into account certain variables such as wealth when you’re thinking about averages.

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