How much will we have to change to make a difference in climate change?



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    Most experts will agree that climate change is inevitable to some extent at this point in time. Due to the fairly long half life of carbon dioxide, warming will continue no matter what efforts are taken to reduce anthropogenic carbon emissions. Scientists have set goals for leveling out the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere however.  The target is to maintain an atmospheric concentration of no more than 450 parts per million. This would require the cooperation of the citizens of every country, their governments and businesses. Hundreds of nuclear power plants have to be built. Wind turbines and hydropower dams will need to be built. Other renewables like solar will play a major role. The costs are estimated to be in the realms of 10.5 trillion dollars in the next 20 years. The most important factor will be whether or not the general public is willing to take united action to conserve energy, drive less, demand cleaner technologies, conserve water, and educate themselves on the matters of climate change.  

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