How much will the United States have to increase energy efficiency to keep up with population growth?



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    Well, oddly enough, we wouldn’t have to increase energy efficiency at all to keep up with population growth — we could simply keep on producing more and more energy (keeping the level of efficiency the same)… But if we do not increase energy efficiency, and keep on making energy in ways that give off huge negative externalities (like pollution and depletion of finite resources) than there is going to be an end to it sometime down the road, when the environment becomes so screwed up that people can no longer live comfortable lives. I think it’s not only energy efficiency that we need to do a better job of — it’s energy conservation that is key as well! Why do we make so much power and let so much go to waste? There has to be a better way and that is to actually cut back on how much energy we are using (per person at least) — which is why I don’t have any lights on right now (because my laptop is providing me with all the light I need right now)…. My conclusion and point is this — we need not increase energy efficiency as much as we need to increase our smart uses of energy and eliminate the waste of this resource and others!

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