how much will it cost to travel to jupiter compared with similar jouneys currently underway ?



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    Physicists at Johns Hopkins University have estimated that a trip to go post Jupiter to Neptune would cost about $4 trillion. Compare this to the US’s GDP, which is $14 trillion, and the US government’s federal budget, $3.1 trillion, and you realize this is no small feat. NASA only gets $17.6 billion of that money!

    Now, even though a trip to Neptune would be much farther away than a trip to Jupiter, we can estimate that the Jupiter trip would cost about the same. This is because much of the costs of getting to Neptune are the start-up costs of going further into our solar system than the moon, like the huge amounts of research needed to create suitable technologies.

    Even if we were to somehow get the money to go to Jupiter, we would not be able to land. We would have to orbit, since Jupiter is a gas giant with little or no solid material.

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