How much will it cost to build one nuclear plant?



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    Apparently it depends on who you ask… (as is often the case)
    According to Joseph Romm on “… from 2000 through October 2007, nuclear power plant construction costs — mainly materials, labor and engineering — have gone up 185 percent! That means a nuclear power plant that would have cost $4 billion to build in 2000 would have cost more than $11 billion to build last October.”

    According to Thomas E. Capps, chief executive officer of the energy company Dominion Resources, “A new 1,400-megawatt nuclear power plant is going to cost about $2.6 billion,” he said. “It is going to take 6 1/2 years to build. While you are building, you have to issue equity, you have to service that equity. You have to issue bonds; you have to service the bonds with interest. You don’t have any money coming in. You have an average of $1.3 billion out for 6 1/2 years that is not earning anything.” Virginia-based Dominion, which serves nine states and operates four nuclear plants, is among the handful of companies considered most likely to want to build a plant.

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