How much whale meat do we eat in this country?



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    Well, it’s actually illegal to buy or sell whale meat in America, so there are definitely no statistics on that. It’s also illegal to hunt whales, therefore consuming whale meat is out of the question. 

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    The numbers aren’t known, because it is illegal to eat whale meat in the US. It is illegal to hunt, kill, harrass, or import any marine mammal or marine mammal products into the US.

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    Although the numbers are unknown, it has been found that there is whale meat being sold in america, specifically at Los Angeles restaurant called The Hump. This meat came from a sei whale, which is on the brink of extinction. This is all despite an international document produced by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species that was signed by the US in 1986, which banned any trade of whale meat.

    The blackmarket is a scary place.

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