How much weight can the human body support?



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    Well its different for everyone.  It depends on your body type and how much muscle you have.  obviously a girl who is 5’10 and weighs 115 as a model will be totally different that a guy who is 6’2 and weighs 250 and plays football for the 49ers. 

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    To indirectly answer your question, there are some divers that can dive to depths of 450 feet below the waters suface–this translates into 200 some odd pounds of water pressure per square inch of the body. So this is NOT the same as a 200 pound weight laid on your chest, but rather hundreds of 200 pound weights distributed evenly over the surface of your body so that each weight is pushing down only on 1 square inch. Thats a huge amount of weight! Keep in mind that there are only a few divers in the world that are capable of achieving this feat, they train for years to be able to do this and its incredibly dangerous for them.  

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    Ok, here is a site with some numbers.  The femur is the long bone in your upper leg (between your knee and hip). From what I remember of anatomy class, it is the strongest bone in our body.  According to the national space biomedical research institute, the femur of a 125 female can experience pressures up to 1200 psi just during walking.

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