How much water would you need to drink to overhydrate yourself?



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         You would need to drink more water than your body was able to excrete. To exceed that level, a healthy young adult would have to drink more than six gallons of water a day on a regular basis. Most overhydration occurs in people with heart, kidney, or liver disease, since they are often unable to excrete water normally.

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    Overhydration occurs when there is too much water in the system and not enough sodium, according to Merck online, which would require drinking about 6 gallons of water a day.  In 2007 there was an instance where a woman drank a large amount of water for a radio contest to win a video game console and died as a result of overhydration.

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    It would also depend on location.  Some climates are drier than others, and literally pull more moisture from the body.

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