How much water would California need to get out of their drought?



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    I think a better question may be – how will California manage with so many people and so little water.  California has a long, long history of droughts, some that have lasted several decades.  Climate change may make drought an even more permanent state.  So even if enough rain fell so that there wasn’t a current drought – it will happen again.  Some scientist are saying that a 1/4 of the snowpack in the Sierra moujntain ranges (where drinking water for cities and irrigation for farms comes from) will disappear.  So although more rain might fall in some part of the state – there will be more severe floods and other parts could get even drier.  This makes it very important that the state and those living there, look at ways to reduce use and manage all water resources better.  Education will be a very important part of helping the public to understand what they need to do to help.

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