How much water is wasted by a person in a single day…



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    I once read in a travel book (it may have been a Lonely Planet book) on my way to Jordan this interesting fact.  The average person in this world uses an average of 400 liters of water per day, the average American uses 1000 liters/day, and the average Jordanian uses 100 liters/day.  Since I observed the Jordanians drinking water and using it to wash before they pray, I can guess we could say the average person (of the world) wastes 300 liters/day while the average American wastes 900 liters/day.  A last interesting fact: the only swimming pool I used in Jordan was filled with salt water from the Red Sea.

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    water is wasted about 15 gallons a day, if you take a bath every day. if you dont, then the limit would be about 8 gallons, including all the additional water in juices and food we eat.

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