How much water is used by the beef industry?



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    According to, half the water consumned in the U.S. is used to grow grain feed for cattle and states that a widely-accepted water estimate to produce a pound of beef is 2,500 gallons/pound. The beef industry’s study does not agree with this calculation.

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    Estimates do vary for the amount of water used to produce a pound of beef (especially if they are for or against the beef industry), but 2,500 gallons has been the conclusion of multiple studies. This is a huge amount of water used on it’s own, but it is almost unfathomable when you think about how many pounds of beef American’s consume. In fact, an issue of Audubon from 1999 reports that “‘Nearly half the water consumed in this country…is used for livestock, mostly cattle.'” The 2,500 gallon figure is an estimate and an average; different parts of the country require different amounts of irrigation to raise their cattle. For example, the dry, arid climate of the southwest requires much more irrigation that the southeast, which regularly receives rainfall. Regardless, water consumption per pound of beef is astronomical and is one of the biggest sources of water use in the nation.

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