How much of the water used for irrigation is lost due to evaporation?



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    The answer to this question varies greatly depending on what typing of watering system is in use. But there can be up to 10% evaporation before the water is absorbed into the ground. There is some water lost during the watering process and then some evaporated out of the ground as well. 

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    Yes some water is evaporated during irrigation.  However, it is different everywhere.  Wind, climate, and location, are all factors.   How the plants are watered also plays a big role.  

    Below is a link from Florida that talks about some its statistics. 

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    It really depends on the weather, but growers usually water their crops in the early morning or night to prevent too much evaporation.  Evaporation can also be prevented by using a drip line for small plants instead of large sprinklers so the water doesn’t get swept up by the air.  These are just a few simple tips, but they really help with water waste in the long run.

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