How much water to Jade plants like?



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    If your aim is to get your Jade Plant to bloom, there is a helpful regiment of watering you can take up. In general, they only need to be watered as much as any other plant. However, you should stop watering it once the first frost sets in and during the shorter days of the year.


    If you simply want to keep the plant healthy as opposed to letting it bloom, however, you should be just fine watering it regularly like any other plant.

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    Jade plants should be allowed to go completely dry before watering. Also, if it begins to drop its leaves, it may have been watered too much. In this case, stop all watering or else it will completely collapse.

    Jade plants require regular watering while new growth occurs, but water should be withheld when growth slows. An indoor plant should therefor be watered in the spring, and very little in summer and fall.

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