How much water does a lawn need to stay green?



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    That varies between different types of grass, but a general rule of thumb to go by is about an inch of water per week during summer months when it is the driest. You can measure this by putting some sort of cup or bowl on your lawn when you water it and stopping the watering when there is an inch of water in there. If it rains at night in your area, you shouldn’t have to worry about watering your lawn.

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    For your lawn to stay green, the soil must be saturated with water.  The amount of water necessary to keep your soil saturated depends on the season, grass type, and soil type.  In order to check if your soil is saturated, simply take a narrow screwdriver or stiff wire and puncture the ground.  Properly saturated soil should allow for penetration between 6-8 inches.  If you cannot puncture this far, then your soil is not saturated and your lawn is most likely not green.  Use this guideline to water your lawn more or less, although typically a lawn should be watered once a week with roughly 1 inch of water.

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