How much water does it take to make paper?



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    It takes 2.6 gallons of water to make one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.

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    You can find rather different takes on this question. The reference cited below indicates 50 cubic meters of water to make a ton of paper. 50 cu m = 50,000 liters = 13,200 gallons. A single sheet of paper weighs (depending on its density, etc.) about 0.16 ounce, or 0.01 pound, for 100 sheets to a pound; 2200 pounds to a metric ton means that ton includes 220,000 sheets.

    13,200 gallons for 220,000 sheets works out to 0.06 (six one-hundredths of a gallon) for one sheet of paper.

    It seems likely to me that both the one that comes up with 2.6 gallons per sheet, and the one that comes up with 0.06 gallons per sheet likely have agendas (defending water, promoting paper), and both have probably selectively included or excluded various inputs of water into the manufacture of paper to arrive at their totals. What reasonable people would probably call the answer is probably somewhere between the two.

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