how much water does the biggest tree need



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    The largest tree in the world is the Redwood, which has many inbred advantages in surviving against natural threats, with the exception of man’s intervention. A Redwood is said to be able to use hundreds of gallons of water throughout its inner systems. They require little to survive because of their robustness and thick bark. Redwoods also receive moisture from fog and the breeze from the Pacific Ocean coastline.

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    The tallest tree species is Coast Redwood. The tallest of them are 360 feet high.

    The heaviest trees are Giant Sequoia (which are also redwoods). The heaviest of them, the General Sherman, is 311 feet high. About half the weight of a redwood is water. General Sherman is 3,000,000 lbs. total, so that means 1,500,000 lbs. of it is water. (Divided by 8.35 lbs. per gallon, that’s 180,000 gallons.)

    According to the source below, citing a 1998 report in the journal Oecologia, large redwoods use some 150 gallons per day, of which up to 40% may be absorbed from fog.

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