How much water does the average American house use in a day?



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    In the average, single family household, about 69.3 gallons of water are used daily. 

    If they were to install more efficient fixtures and regularly check for leaks and malfunctions, they could decrease their use to about 45.2 gallons per day. 

    For a complete breakdown of how those 69.3 gallons are divided daily, click the link.

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    The daily per capita indoor water use in a typical single family home is 69.3 gallons. This use includes shower, clothes washer, dishwasher, toilets, faucets, baths, and leaks. If households used more efficient fixtures then the daily per capita water use could be reduced by about 35% to about 45.2 gallons per day.

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    Per household, 350 gallons

    Per person, 69.3 gallons


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