how much water does a avarage american green house use a day?



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    The average household uses approximately 2,000 gallons per day. In a green household, this number can be reduced in the following ways:

    – 10 gallons per day are lost to leaks; fixing leaky faucets, shower heads and other appliances can eliminate this factor.

    – Low-flow shower heads reduce the amount of water used by 15 gallons.

    – Take showers, not baths; baths use about 70 gallons each time.

    – 22% of indoor water use comes from doing a load of laundry; wear clothes more than once and make sure you are using all the available space in your washer.

    – Pools use 22,000 gallons of water; if you need to own one, be sure to cover it, because hundreds of gallons are lost each month to uncovered pools. 

    – Grass-fed animals use significantly less water than grain-fed.

    – A pound of cotton uses 100 gallons of water; consider this every time you “need” to buy a t-shirt. 

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