How much water do you need to drink a day to stay alive?



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    Interesting question, Carson.  As you have already suspected, we need water each day in order to survive.  We can go for weeks without food, but to maintain good health, a minimum of 2 quarts of clean water a day is necessary.  This amount is subject to change depending on the environment you are in and your level of activity.

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      This doesn’t answer the question. He didn’t ask how much water was needed to maintain good health, he asked how much water was needed to stay alive.

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    The table at gives you an idea.  Let’s assume 70 degree temperature, ideal conditions.  The table says that if you start with no water, you can survive 10 days.  If you start with 20 quarts of water, you can ration it out to survive 32 days.  So 20 quarts of water buys you 22 extra days of life.  That averages out to a little over a quart a day minimum ration to sustain life.  Your minimum life-sustaining ration may vary.

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