How much water do we waste by flushing our toilets?



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    Of the amount of water used in the home, 25% is for the toilet.  In the 70’s toilets flushed 7 gallons per flush, now by federal law, they use 1.6 gallons per flush.  This is still alot of water.  Part of the problem is that many people’s tiolets dont efficiently use water.  In order to get around this problem, many households have a “only flush if its solid” rule.  Also, do not use your toilet as a second trashcan, it uses way too mauch water to use it as anything but what it is.  The attached website has some hints on how to make your toilet use water more efficiently.

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    Like amber87 said, toilets use a lot of water, and there are some goods habits that will help you use less. Other than responsible flushing, dual flush toilets are another way that bathroom water use is being handled. Dual flush toilets have two options: one for solid waste and one for liquid, which uses less water.

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