How much water do we save by watering our grass at night instead of the day?



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    It takes about 20 to 30% less water to water your lawn or outdoor plants in the evening or pre-dawn hours.  Choosing to water at these times, at which there is still humidity but low heat, ensures that the water you expend will not evaporate, and will stay locked into the soil.  Note, though, that we’re talking about the early evening and pre-dawn.  Watering in the dead of night can be bad for plants, especially if they are disease-susceptible, because the water will sit for too long and increase its risk of fungal disease. 

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    This would depend on whether you have a timer set on your sprinkler and if it runs the same amount of time. It is cooler at night so the grass looks healthier as it is not strained by the sun. This would result in you giving it less water if you were just doing it with a hose or running the sprinkler for a short period of time.

    Watering at night does help because there is usually less demand for water at this time. Companies and businesses are closed or operating with less machines so they are not demanding water.

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