How much water do we save by using low flow shower heads?



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    You can cut your home water consumption by up to half of your current use depending on how many shower heads/ faucets you replace! It also has the potential to cut your utility bills in half! 

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    Low flow shower heads can consume water at .5 to 2 gallons per minute. It is always suggested to use a shower head below 2.5 gpm in order to save both water and your wallet. To find out exactly how much you would save, fill a bucket equivalent to one gallon with water from your showerhead and time how long it takes to fill it up. If it fills in 15 seconds then your showerhead is approximately 4gpm. If it is around 10 seconds it will be closer to 6gpm. Individuals who have not changed the showerheads in years will most likely not have a low flow showerhead and will be using 5-8 gallons of water per minute! Change now and start saving!

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