How much water do we need to produce our daily food consumption/person?



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    This statistic is highly variable depending on a person’s diet and where they live. For instance, if a person eats meat, their food requires much more water to produce than if they were vegetarian (one hamburger uses 2400 liters of water!).

    In David Molden’s “Water for food, water for life: a comprehensive assessment of water management in agriculture,” three countries’ daily agricultural water use per capita is compared: Ethiopia (3143 liters), Thailand (2955 liters), and Italy (3236 liters).

    You can find more statistics about water use here ( This chart suggests that per capita water use in the US is 1,600 m^3/p/yr with 13% of that amount used for domestic use, 46% for industrial use, and 41% for agriculture.

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