How much water do we drink on a daily basis?



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    Doctors recommend consuming at least 8 glasses of water each day (with each glass being 8oz each).  You can also replace lost fluids through liquid rich foods or through liquids other than water.  The average american drinks less than that, usually about 4 glasses a day.  However, many people supplement this deficit with other fluids such as juice and soda.

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    Did you mean on a global scale?  Here are the top few countries:


    Daily per capita use of water in residential areas:

    – 350 litres in North America and Japan

    – 200 litres in Europe

    – 10-20 litres in sub-Saharan Africa

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    Based on the data waterman has provided, if the average American drinks four eight oz glasses of water per day, he drinks 32 oz of water per day. There are about 307,000,000 people in the U.S. and therefore we drink about 9,824,000,000 oz of water in America per day.

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