How much water do dogs need to drink every day?



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    Dogs should have water available to them at all times of the day with some supervision. At a minimum, they should be drinking three times a day. My vet has suggested 2ml for every pound the dog weighs or at least 2.5 times amount of the daily food it consumes. If you feed your dog dry food, they may need more water. Be cautious of overdrinking during the day and after intense exercise.

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    I agree with Nadeged. Keep fresh, clean, and cool water available for dogs at all times of the day. If you’re traveling with your dog on the road for lengths of time, you get buy a nylon water bowl that folds up and makes it easy to take along for rides. This way you can stop and fill the little nylon bowl up with say, bottled water, whenever you stop, or whenever your dog seems thirsty. Dogs, like humans, will also tend to want to drink more on hot days, and or when/after exercising, so be sure to keep the water bowls filled up! A last note, beware of your dog drinking too much water, as in all the time, even when it’s not hot and your dog hasn’t been doing anything. This could be a sign of kidney trouble and so it would be wise to contact your vet to check on it. Hope this helps!

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