How much water do camels need to stay alive?



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    The dromedary camel does not store water any more than does any other species, yet it does not need to drink water for days. It can handle extreme dehydration as a result of a number of different physiological adaptations. Camels have been known to lose safely body water equivalent to 40% of its body weight, a loss that would be lethal in any other animal.

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    It varies with the time of year. At one extreme, in winter, camels barely drink at all. At the other extreme, a very thirsty adult camel can drink up to 200 liters of water in about 20-30 minutes. Camels can survive on this because they get the majority of their moisture from their food, and they have evolved ways to mitigate water lost to sweating.

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    Camels can live through extreme dehydration due to various adaptations that have evolved over time. Camels can lose 40% of its body weight in water and still survive, while this would be lethal to all other animals.



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