How much water can proper landscaping save?



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    The amount of water savings in landscape set up are completely dependent on what strategies are used to save water. PLanting native plants in your landscape will help conserve a small amount of water because those plants require less maintanence since they are accustomed to growing in those climates. On the other hand, you could use a drip irrigation system to water your plants that has a rain sensor that automatically shuts off the watering cycle when it rains. This will conserve a different amount of water than the previous example. Different methods will also conserve more or less water depending on if you are updating an already existing landscape, or designing an entirely new one.

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    Proper landscape planning can save a great amount of water. If a landscape is design right, then the grading of the site will help direct natural water where it is needed. Also a small lawn space and native/drought tolerate plants can make a landscape extremely low maintenance.

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