How much water can 1 cloud hold?



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    There is no answer to this question, because clouds and atmospheric conditions are so variable. There is really no such thing as “one cloud” in any standardized sense.

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    Rigibson has a point – one raincloud is without any parameter of measurement (like size of the cloud), however, I found a fact that might supplement the answer to your question – one inch of rain over one square mile is the equivalent of 17.4 million gallons of water, weighing 143 million pounds; the weight of a train with 40 boxcars. In the very least, this number informs you of how much water a single storm can dish out.

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    The amount of water a cloud can hold per cubic meter is known as liquid water content, usually put in grams per cubic meter. According to this chart that Wikipedia pulled from a 2007 text book, the LWC is on average .03 in cirrus clouds and 1.0-3.0 cumulonimbus. Other clouds are in between those two.

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