How much food is wasted around the world every day? Every year?



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    An enormous amount. It has been estimated that in various ways from production to transportation to the point of consumption nearly half of all the food produced in a given year is wasted. With most of it ending up in landfills this wasted food eventually contributes to global warming by adding to the quantities of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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    Millions of tons of food are wasted each year, with the major culprits being America and the UK (along with most developed countries). In the U.S. we throw away about 50% of our edible food, and according to a study by the University of Arizona Garbage Project, Americans throw away 1.3 pounds of food every day, or 474.5 pounds per year (Multiply that by the U.S. population–304,059,724). So, if we assume it’s at least a pound per person per day for the developed world, it is an astronomical amount per day and even more for the year.

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