How much waste will be generated this holiday season by wrapping gifts?



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    Over the course of the entire year, estimates dictate that approximately 50% of the United States’ paper waste comes from gift wrapping.  Of that half, the holiday gift wrap accounts for about 4 millions tons of the United States annual paper waste.

    Furthermore, the gift wrap industry generates more than $2.5 billion in sales every year.

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    My family tries to recycle our gift wrapping paper by using it to package away holiday decorations. Each year we usually have a few more things to pack away, so being able to keep them safe with used wrapping paper is a big plus! It’s one less thing to take up space in a land fill, and it will save you money from not having to buy storage paper. 

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    I find that re-using gift wrapping paper itself can get a little cumbersome because the paper creases in odd places and does not look quite as nice the second and third times it is used. Therefore, I like keeping gift bags and re-using those. Gift bags are much easier to fold and are also good for holding a wide variety of items. There are some biodegradable gift packaging options available, but re-using is typically better because you’ll avoid the extra emissions caused by shipping the products.

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