How much waste is typically produced at the Super Bowl?



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    I couldn’t find any numbers, but since it is the Super Bowl and so many people are watching from their homes and bars, it is an immense amount.  Throw in the energy used to make the commercials and the energy of all the tvs watching them and it’s unprecedented energy use.  However, the NFL is working hard to change any wasteful image by incorporating green practices into its stadium, and not only for the Super Bowl.

    First, it is offsetting its emissions with renewable energy certificates for all of the preparation for the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl as well as the energy used during both of them.  The Super Bowl is also sponsoring hundreds of trees to be planted in South Florida.  A recycling program has been implemented in the stadium and extra food will be given to charities while extra materials will be given to nonprofits in the region.

    The Super Bowl still generates a lot of waste and recycling won’t change that.  Astounding amounts of energy will still be used to produce and view it.  Still, it’s going to happen no matter what and it’s nice to see efforts coming from pro sports leagues to reduce waste and increase efficiency and environmental awareness.

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