How much waste is generated by publishing books each year?



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    Well, it’s not waste at all if you consider the books that are produced worthwile of all the inputs you have to put forth to make them. But I’m sure you are talking about how paper is wasted… and how much electricity gets used when it isn’t necessary, and I am not sure of an actual figure… but I would go so far as to say that we can do things more efficiently… Writers need not scrap every piece of paper that they write a note on they don’t like. Publishers need not print hundreds of pages of rough-draft manuscript when a digital file could suffice. We need to make concessions and sacrafices to help the planet (and really ourselves)… so I will give my answer in the form of a (hopeful) comparison: About ten times more than we need to be (and 5 times more than we will be wasting 10 years from now!)…

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