How much warmer does it have to be to call it global warming?



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    Technically, we are already in a period of global warming. It had shifted from a cooling period during last couple thousand years to a warming period shortly after the industrial revolution of the 1800s. Since then, annual mean temperatures have only been increasing. Current global mean temperature is approximately .6 degrees Celsius and if governments do not act on this issue, it is projected to increase at a non-linear rate.

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    There are also many problems that arise from labeling the phenomenon “global warming”. Many scientists have relabeled the phenomenon “climate change” because there are extremes in both directions that result from human intervention. Though ultimately the melting of the polar ice caps because of the rising sea temperatures will be one of the largest threats, some areas have experienced harsher winters. It has led to a skepticism about the existence of climate change when it is labeled as global warming, so be careful how you label it.

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