How much trees are cut down everyday?



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    29,800,000 trees are being cut down everyday for our various uses. That adds up to approximately 10,877,000,000 trees a year. Our rainforests are rapidly decreasing at a rate of approximately 67,384 American football fields daily. That adds up to one and a half acres a second! Rainforests, which used to cover 14% of the Earth’s land surface, now cover a mere 6% due to the rapid rate in which humans produce and consume paper products (according to Rainforest Facts @ With this rapid deforestation, we are losing not only trees, but precious plant and animal life–an estimated 137 specias a day!–plant and animal life that provide medicines, cures, immunizations that the human race cannot live without. It is not just forest life that is being effected by our mass consumption, but us as well.

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