How much trash is in the pacific garbage patch?



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    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch located in the North Pacific Gyre, also dubbed the “Pacific Trash Vortex”, is of debatable size.  Estimates of its size range from reports of it encompassing an area comparable to the state of Texas to claims that it exceeds the continental United States in size.  The Patch consists of debris mainly from plastics and chemical sludge.  It is believed to have formed gradually as a result of debris accumulating through a network of ocean currents.

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    One thing that is important to note about the Pacific Garbage Patch is that the vast majority of the debris within it consists of tiny particles of plastic–so small that most of them cannot be seen with the naked eye. Personally I think the “Pacific Garbage Patch” should be called something else, because the name makes people envision a huge floating island of plastic bags, bottles, discarded cans another visible refuse, essentially a garbage dump in the water. It’s not like that. The fact that it doesn’t look like people expect it to look doesn’t mean that it’s not a serious problem, however. All of those plastic particles are digested by fish and birds, often with fatal results. Attempts to clean up the pollution will most likely involve some type of heavy-duty water straining technology.

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