How much sushi does the average American eat in a year?



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    While I could not find any data giving numbers on how much sushi is consumed by the average American, but lets see if this will put it into persepective.  In a 2001 study by a Canadian trade group, America had 1,100 sushi counters in grocery stores alone.  They also projected that it was growing by 150 a year, meaning that now, in 2010, our grocery stores alone have at least 2,300 counters supposing the same rate of expansion. 

    To give you another perspective, in 2004, one sushi restaurant in Manhattan (Monster Sushi) sold 14,600 pounds of just tuna.  And while Lexington, KY has one sushi restaurant, the greater Los Angeles area has at least 276.  So it looks clear that our sushi consumption is quite high due to the popularty of sushi restaurants and the expansion of sushi dishes into non-Japanese restaurants.

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