How much sulfur does a volcano put out?



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    Sulfur containg compounds make up, on average 3.60% of the gases produced by volcanoes.  They do not emit pure sulfur, but it is in compounds such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.  To see samples of emission percentages by volcanoes from different parts of the world, click the link.

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    “Volcanoes and other natural processes release approximately 24 Tg of sulfur to the atmosphere each year. Thus, volcanoes are responsible for 43% of the total natural S flux each year. Man’s activities add about 79 Tg sulfur to the atmosphere each year. In an average year, volcanoes release only 13% of the sulfur added to the atmosphere compared to anthropogenic sources.” This website includes a nifty chart that compares volcanic sulfur emissions to man-made emissions. 

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