How much sugar is it safe to eat a day?



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    Carbohydrates are important to maintain in the diet, as that is the exclusive source of energy for the brain.  Glucose, or sugar, can be found in a lot of sources including, breads, potatoes, pastas, or any other carbohydrate.  Therefore, it is not really neccesary to ingest sugar from other means like candy, for example.  When eating carbs, one should stick to whole grains, as these have the lowest amount of sugar and contain more fiber and grains for intestinal health.  Sugar that is not accompanied with a healthful food is basically empty calories and provides little energy.  These foods should stay in moderation.  For example, if a daily allotment of sugar is 6 teaspoons, and your morning yogurt has 22 grams of sugar, you have reached your allotment for the day.

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    Avoid sugar as much as possible, as even something that has sugar in it can often be an unhealthy amount for the day. You can get the carbohydrates you need throughout the course of your day from more nutritious sources; and most sugars that are applied to things that contain it are often highly processed, and thus empty calories that do not provide you with anything beneficial. Still, if you have a sweet tooth, it’s okay to indulge a little once in a while, but control and moderation is key when it comes to sugar, which your body doesn’t really need that much of.

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