How much Styrofoam makes it to landfills in the US every year?



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    The styrofoam cup that we drink out of will be in the landfill 500 years from now. Currently about 200 million styrofoam fills our landfills every year. Styrofoam makes it to the landfill and fill up 31% of municipal waste per year. Certain cities like Laguna Beach and Santa Monica have banned all polystyrene foodware. In 2009 Internation Coastal Cleanup, the Ocean Conservanvy found that plastic bags were the second-most common kind of waste found, at 1 out of ten items picked up and tallied. 

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    Question for jchang14

    Do you mean “Currently about 200 million TONNES styrofoam fills our landfills every year.” ?

    Thank you for these informations.

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