How much storage do ereaders need to have?



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    It depends on what you’re using your ereader for. If you’re using a plain and simple ereader just for the purpose of actually reading, you don’t need that much space at all. Ebooks and electronic versions of magazines and newspapers take up very little space because it’s just a text file. Even a 200 page book of just text is only going to be about 300-400 kilobytes. That’s about .3 to .4 megabytes, or .0003 to .0004 gigabytes. If the file is more picture based, the file can be larger, up to about 20 or 30 megabytes probably, but that’s still just .2 – .3 gigabytes. If you have an ereader and use it just for reading and only have text-based books, then you could comfortably fit about a thousand 200 page books on an ereader that’s only 4 gigabytes. Most standard ereaders come at about 8 gigs.

    If you want something that’s closer to a tablet that will play videos, games, and music, then you’ll want something a little larger. Average music files are probably anywhere from 4-6 megabytes, and movies can be much larger. Even so, you’d probably be very happy with a 16 gig tablet, with little need, if any, to buy extra storage space.

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