how much is spent on alcohol in oregon



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    Do you mean the new taxes Oregon’s legislature is considering passing on alcohol? The Legislature is considering these new taxes to make up for the poor previous fiscal year. Although the new taxes would more likely hurt the economy. Higher prices could mean reduced wages or layoffs for brewery, distributing and retail workers.

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    I can’t tell you how much money is spent on alcohol in Oregon, but I can tell you the number of drinks the average Oregon citizen consumes. has a graph depicting the average number of alcoholic drinks an Oregon citizen over 21 consumes per year. They considered 12 ounces of beer, 1.2 ounces of 80 proof distilled spirits, and 5 ounces of wine standard measurements for a drink. In 2007, the average Oregon citizen over 21 consumed 622.7 alcoholic drinks throughout the year.

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