How much space on my roof would I need to make 2kW of solar power?



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    About 165 square feet.

    “Suppose you want to design a 2kw solar matrix for your home and you have chosen a 175watt panel with a width of 808mm (or 2.6509 feet) and length of 1580mm (or 5.1837 feet). Given that you are targeting 2kw as your matrix size it will take 12 of these solar panels to equal 2.1kw, and 12 of these solar panels will cover an area ofapproximately 165 square feet” (

    2 kw of solar power can run anywhere between $11,000-$30,000 depending on the type of kit, instillation, and type of system you choose to install. 

    Remember, if you live in the US, you can get tax credits for up to 30% of the cost of the solar system you install w/no limit!

    Check out these sites for more info:

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    Without pointing to any actual product, the Sun irradiation equals to 1,000 Watts/square meter. Assume efficiency of 15% (most Silicon panels have this kind of efficiency) one square meter will deliver 1000X0.15=150 Watts. To get 2,000 Watts you need 2000/150=13.33 square meter. (or 148 square feet). This is DC power. The DC to AC inverter is not 100% efficient, so net useful AC power will be only around 1,800 Watts. Also, because you need to leave margins around the panels for better cooling, the area needs to be bigger. In most case and most roofs, the roof area is more than enough, what really counts is the overall price – so if you find lower cost & less efficient panels (say 10%) from a reliable source, go on it

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