How much solid waste dose South Africa produce a year? Also which third wourld country produces the most waste?



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    The South African government reports that the country produces 42,230,000 m3/a of general solid waste per year. Mining contributes 72.3% of this waste.

    A plurality of annual waste (42%) comes from the province of Gauteng. Despite being the smallest province in area, Gauteng is highly urbanised and home to 18% of the population.

    Third world countries are not responsible for most of global waste. In fact, the 20 countries that generate the most waste per capita are all first world, developed nations.

    However, this is also where data is more readily available. Third world/developing countries typically lack the infrastructure to handle, let aloine monitor, waste production. These less industrialized, developing nations generally produce a different kind of solid waste: there is more organic matter, more dirt, and more moisture.

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