How much solar power would I need to power my spa and pool?



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    Good question, hot tubs and pools are big energy hogs, increasing your carbon foot print and are pretty good at decreasing your wallet. Hot tubs run on about 2,514 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year (the same amount of energy it would take to power five typical refrigerators in the same amount of time). Your location effects how many solar panels will be needed, but as a rough estimate you will need a lot (1.65 kWh solar system is needed just to power your hot tub, using 165 square feet of your roof).

    Using a pool cover will also help decrease the energy needed to heat and run the pool. Since the heater in a hot tub or pool uses a large amount of energy, one of the best ways to save energy is through minimizing heat loss, a tight well insulated cover can help. Thick walls can also help stop heat loss, you might want to look into solar water heaters that can help circulate water in your hot tub without increasing your carbon footprint (while still enjoying your hot tub!).

    So while it might take a lot of solar energy to run both your pool and tub you can also look into solar pool pumps that run you around $300 will save you money all year long.

    Here is an above ground water heater I found on (

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