How much solar power can you get in Oregon?



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    The quick answer is: as much as you want!

    The more in depth answer has to do with the type of solar you wish to install and the type of investment you are prepared to make. 

    Check out these great sites for a bit more local guidance:

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    As an Oregon native I’ve wondered this myself. I mean it gets CLOUDY here for a long time. However, Oregon actually produces solar energy equivalent to the national average. Near the coast there is even more, 20-30% more than the Willamette Valley, as much as some locations in Florida. Specifically,

    “in the “cloudy” areas of Oregon, you can expect to generate 

    about 1,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) for every 100 square feet of 

    collector area you install. In the “sunny” areas of Oregon, this 

    increases to about 1,250 kWh.”

    Another factor in efficiency of solar energy is temperature. “Because photovoltaics become less efficient when hot, our cooler climate helps make up for the cloudy days.” You also have to consider the amount of sun Oregon gets in the summer compared to other climates. 

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