How much solar energy does it take to make New York energy independent?



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    I’ll assume that you’re asking about the state rather than the city alone. According to Energy Information Administration, New York used 4,064.3 trillion BTU in 2007 in electricity. That’s about 136 gigawatt average consumption. Don’t forget though, that solar panels and plants are sold by rated capacity, which means that the actual power output will be much lower (especially considering how far north New York is from equatorial areas). The largest current solar power plant is 354 MW, and even at rated capacity that’s only a quarter of a percent of what New York would need.

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    And the figures in the other answer only address electricity…. “electricity” does not equal “energy”. All the solar power in the world could not make New York “energy independent” today – because of all the oil that is consumed in the form of liquid fuels including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

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