How much is smart grid supposed to reduce energy uses?



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    The website below is GE’s smart grid website and it has an interactive website that explains the smart grid. It shows each aspect of the smart grid and how much CO2 emissions are saved if so many people switched to using it. For example, smart meters, GE claims that if 55,500,000 homes used it, it would save 18,620,983 tons of CO2 emissions each year. There are two other ways the smart grid helps, and GE shows how much CO2 that correlates to. I recommend you visit the site and take the tour yourself.

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    Efficient energy management means the smart grid would reduce CO2 emissions significantly.  Currently, the existing power grid is responsible for 38% of our country’s emissions.  With only a 5% more efficient power grid, we can reduce emissions equal to that of 21.6 million cars. 

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