How much smaller will the United States get because of rising water levels?



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    Not all that much smaller — but some areas are definitely more threatened by rising sea levels than others. Notables include: Key West, New Orleans, Dewey Beach (DE! – my home state), and the Outer Banks.  We could see a rise in sea level of maybe a few inches up to a couple of feet in the next century (depending on what we can do [or don’t do] to offset the damages we are doing and curb carbon emissions — so we can slow or halt glacial melts!)… and if this is the case we would definitely loose more than a thousand acres of coastal lands (perhaps even more)… 

    I read a great article in the Nature Conservancy about what exactly will happen to the Keys _ I think I found it (2nd link), but you might not be able to access it unless you sign up for a free trial… perhaps it can be found somehow on the nature Conservancy’s webpage:

    I believe we will be able to do something about the issues of climate change, glacial melt, and thermal expansion before the waters rise to a point where all coastal lands become inundated (a fancy word for flooded, or put underwater)… what we have to do is go green, curb GG emissions, and figure out a way to make sure we can keep all the water that is locked up in the poles in a solid frozen state — I’ve been imagining a huge umbrella that shades the area and causes a temperature drop — or some other means (come on, real scientists, THINK!) … I mean, if humans can cause a rise in global temperature, it probably won’t be that hard for us to figure out a way for us to cause a drop in temperatures (in specific, needed regions, as well)!

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