How much should i water my indoor grand fir?

I just bought it and its needles are starting to turn brown. All the saleswoman said was to keep it in sunlight and to give it regular watering. But how much is “regular watering”?



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    As a quick answer, my local garden store said: “Yellowing plants are a sign of either too much watering, or too little.” Not very helpful, is it!

    You might go back and ask the saleswomen what she meant. Otherwise, if I was you, I’d get my fingers nimble and do some serious Internet search on your plant, in the next couple days. Some plants go south, really fast, after they start giving signs they aren’t healthy.

    But more generally, you need to go to a specialty gardening Web site for this. It’s likely people will have different experiences to share, and also that you may want to engage in an ongoing dialog.

    I like the intelligence and friendliness of the one below, although it’s mostly suitable for edible plants. There are bound to be other ones, better targeted to your plant.

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