How much responsibility should be given to industries that pollute?



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    Personally, I think a great deal of it, obviously, but some amount of responsibility should fall on the consumer as well. For example, we as individuals know that using gasoline powered vehicles excessively is not the best environmentally efficient option, but we can’t blame the automobile or oil industries exclusively for our vehicle use. It is not Nissan’s fault, for example, that I chose to purchase one of their vehicles for my primary transportation methods, but I did because I lived in the country at the time where public transportation was just not an option. Now that I live in town, however, I have every opportunity available to walk, ride my bike, take the bus, carpool, etc., thus limiting my reliance on my vehicle. Clearly, I take responsibility for my actions, and attempt to mitigate my decisions to the best of my abilities (e.g. need to drive a lot one week? Don’t eat meat for that period).

    Although it may be easy to point the finger, we are all responsible for our choices. As long as we purchase the products of a certain industry, we are all responsible for their actions.

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